A documentary, sugar and a quote

Photo by Tatum Bergen on Unsplash

A sweet tooth? What?!

I never thought I was a person with a sweet tooth. I experienced this during previous stints of sobriety but, never wrote about it. It is a thing though. I seriously enjoy sweet things now and a little to much to be honest. I guess the alcohol always filled this need and so, I never put two and two together.

A quote

In closing out this random post 😁 I want to share a quote that came across my path today. I use a service called ReadWise to sync highlights I make on my Kindle as well as across the web. It then offers and array of features to revisit these highlights. One of the really nice features as the daily review. An email with three recent highlights.



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Schalk Neethling

I write about mental health, addiction, sober living, living your best life through an active lifestyle and a whole food plant-based diet. Psychedelic curios :)