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Schalk Neethling
2 min readFeb 26, 2024
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It has been a while since my last post here. In general, things are still cracking on. I am still sober 🙌 and my mental health and general wellness are good. The last three months or so have been exceptionally tough due to, what I am calling, a freelancing misadventure.

I have full-time employment again and have some more things on the side (more on this in a bit), but we are still digging ourselves out of a pretty deep financial hole. We will get there, but it takes time, hard work, and the support of people who care.

Something I have been doing for almost two years now is podcasting. And as with most things, I have gone a bit overboard because I enjoy it so much. 😃 I say that because I do not have just one podcast. Oh no, no! I am doing three.

The one I believe will be of most interest to some folks here is the Mental Health in Tech podcast. I am the co-host of this one with a friend, also called Schalk 😃, and so far it has been amazing. It might seem like a strange word to use but, being able to talk openly about topics that are still (we need to keep pushing to change this) taboo is freeing!

As with most podcasts, you can find the Mental Health in Tech podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, or on YouTube as audiograms. As with all my podcasts, I decided to stay audio-only to allow anyone and everyone to be a guest without the concern some folks may have about having their video published out there.

Below is the latest episode (at the time of writing) as a teaser. This one was a bit different in that we did not have a guest in the tech space, but another podcast host in a similar space. The guest on this episode was Russ Jones from ADHD Big Brother, and we are thrilled that we could have had this conversation.

Anyhow, I hope some folks find this to be a helpful resource and I apologize for only sharing it now!

Stay safe, take care of yourselves, and make the most of each moment.

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