The Frontenders Kaleidoscope ~ Ed.10 ~ 2018

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CSS Architecture

I have read about the various options out there for modular, scalable methodologies for writing and maintaining CSS. Recently I decided to dive into this world again, and the following resources has been useful to me.

my struggle to learn react

Over on his blog Brad Frost shares his struggles getting his head around the React ecosystem and his hopes for its future. From the post:

The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 — Results

Launched in March, to date 5,097 front-end developers have taken the time to complete the survey. So, while the results aren’t gospel, as stated by Ashley Nolan, it is a decently sized group. The results are not overly surprising but, there are clear trends that can be seen, and also some methodologies and frameworks that are clearly taking the lead. Well worth your time to read through.

Introducing the Microsoft Edge DevTools Protocol

From the post:

Atomic design: how to design systems of components

The web, and the way we build and design for it is changing. Atomic design and web components makes a lot of sense in this new age. It allows designers and developers to work more closely, and build up user interfaces with predefined, branded, predictable components. Audrey Hacq wrote a great piece around this idea. From the post:

Designing for open source software

Over on the UX Collective Varun Pai wrote an excellent piece on the redesign of Relay(Mattermost), and the importance of good design in open source software. From the post:

How to try the JavaScript Pipeline Operator Today

Over on ITNext James Hall-Treworgy writes about a stage 1 proposal for adding the pipe operator to JavaScript, and how you can experiment with it today. From the post:

7 Hacks for ES6 Developers

Tal Bereznitskey shares some neat “tricks” using the new syntax available to us with ES6. A lot of these utilise the power of `Array Desctructuring`. From the post:

Decorating lines of text with box-decoration-break

Over on CSS-Tricks Preethi wrote an in depth article on styling paragraphs using the little known, to me anyhow, box-decoration-break property. From the post:

Notable Releases

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Listen Up

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The Changelog ~ Burnout, open source, and Datasette

Recorded on location at ZEIT Day, this episode covers a lot of seriously interesting topics. Whether you are, or may be, struggling with burnout, open source maintenance, the general state of open source or, you are into open data. This episode ha something for you. From the show:



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